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  • Develop nurturing environment for delivering quality engineering education through discovery and innovation.
  • Show commitment and dedication to teaching by developing state of the art curriculum, grounded in scientific, mathematical and technical knowledge that emphasizes practical applications and provides opportunities for hands-on experience.
  • Inculcate lifelong learning and instill ethical and social values in our graduates that helps them acquire professional leadership.
  • Act as center of excellence to identify the problems of national industry and to develop innovative solutions.

  • To inculcate graduates with technical competence through advanced and comprehensive knowledge of the practical aspect of electrical engineering, including analytical and design skills and of the technical tools to meet the engineering requirements
  • To provide an undergraduate education that will further enable qualified students to pursue Graduate/Higher studies in electrical engineering and related fields
  • To cultivate Professional Development among graduates to manage multi-disciplinary teams, communicate effectively and have entrepreneurship skills.
  • To instill Ethical and Social Responsibility into graduates so that they can practice and take ethically and socially responsible decisions.

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