Student Affairs

At university campus creation of both supportive and stimulating environments and the provision of a range of experiences in which personal development thrives and learning flourishes.

Foster student’s academic and intellectual development and creates a climate that reinforces learning in all aspects of students life.

Create services, programs and opportunities to assist students with their personal and professional development.

Develop the programs, services and environment to build welcoming and inclusive community that creates sense of safety among all students.

Deliver co-curricular opportunities to faster learning, self discovery and respectful engagement in student life.

Respond to issues, ideas and need of student community, existing and Alumni, by providing support and services to faculty, staff and community that ignite a sense of pride, ownership and personal investment in ongoing success of FAST.

Arranging seminars and workshops/ Event Management

Regular seminars, workshops and scheduled events are held at campus to provide students with professional know how of what is transpiring around the world. Experts from corporate and public sectors are frequently invited to share their knowledge and experiences with students which in turn helps them to identify their career options. Workshops related activities on social and sensitive issues, in collaboration with different organizations are also carried out to motivate student’s interest in fulfilling their moral obligations towards society.

Provide career counseling

Career counseling play vital role in setting up of every student’s academic direction. Realizing this responsibility the student affairs department through its team and experienced staff provides career guidance in two main areas, namely personality development, career identification. The department helps the student’s especially new entrants, to develop confidence and strength to overcome personal problems.

Alumni Association

The university lays great importance to maintain a link with its graduates so as to keep them informed a new academic opportunities being offered by university to solicit information on preferred skills and programs sought by the industry. This enables the university to regularly update its curriculum, based on feedback.


University is fully aware of the need for co-curricular activities along with academic events which are important to the development of balanced personality. The establishment of societies allows students to explore their talents and create awareness in them about the professional world. Besides academic excellence the Fastians display dynamic literary, creative and artistic abilities and aptitude for co-curricular activities. In order to provide them with opportunities to pursue their passion in the company of like-minded individuals, Student Affairs department is functional under the auspices of Director. Manager Student Affairs is the chief coordinator and thus responsible for smooth prevalence of co-curricular activities at the campus .The following societies provide students the opportunity to exhibit their talents.

  1. FAST Event Management Society
  2. FAST Entrepreneurial Society
  3. FAST Computing Society
  4. FAST Debating Society
  5. FAST Engineering Society
  6. FAST Islamic Revival Society
  7. FAST Literary Society
  8. IEEE Student Chapter
  9. Takhleeq – A Society of Art and Drama
  10. FAST Photography Society
  11. FAST Adventure Society

Sports at FAST-NUCES

A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body i.e., the healthier the human body, the faster the brain works. As the proverb goes,” A healthy body is equal to a thousand boons.” The role of educational institutions is very important in this regard.

As future of a nation is largely reliant on its healthy youth (especially students) and provision of such for whereby the young are enabled to stay physically and mentally fit.

For any query or details please contact Student Affairs on the following;

Voice: 051 111 111 128 Ext: 345 & 348

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