Transform your Life with KanBan


A wonderful learning session for the software development teams will be conducted at NUCES auditorium on 22nd December at 2:00 PM By Lean & Agile Trainer: Naveed Khawaja Transparency: The visibility of KanBan boards gives you more information with less disruption. Teams can quickly communicate among themselves and with stakeholders in a that is frictionless and transparent.   Value: KanBan allows your team to discuss, define and quickly modify your workflow. Teams that come together for the process of mapping their workflow have a much better understanding of the nature of their work, allowing them to execute handoffs and navigate queues more smoothly.   Flow: Kanban empowers teams to talk about flow and address problems as they’re happening. Team members are empowered to see the issues and bottlenecks for themselves. Kanban boards can help focus discussions in a more meaningful way to solve problems and progress work to done.   Pull: Kanban seeks to “pull” rather than “push” work through your work process, limiting the amount of work based on your capacity. Work flows smoothly across the board at an optimal rate as you apply Kanban principles to how you work.   Perfection: Kanban supports a culture of continuous improvement. When you understand the why and how of your process, your team can begin to make small but continuous improvements. Mr. Naveed Khawaja lives & breathes lean agility at all levels in daily life from personal, professional, family, social, team, programme and multi-million dollar portfolio.   For the past 16+ years,  has been an instrumental global agile and lean trainer, coach and transformer with expertise in change leadership. With a wealth of diverse experience in Fortune 500 IT, telecoms, energy, pharmaceutical, utilities, transportation, publishing, finance, manufacturing and civil service verticals, he has helped transform some of the largest global corporations. These include AstraZeneca, eBay, GE, Xerox, Standard Life, Pearson and the UK government (Department for Work and Pensions, Department for Education) etc.   Naveed Khawaja’s passion is to help teams find real motivation and valuable productivity while developing future leaders and change catalysts for helping organizations grow beyond expectations.