CPEC – Myths And Realities by FSM


FAST School of Management (FSM) Islamabad is organizing a conferenceCPEC- Myths and Realitiesat the Islamabad Clubon 27th April, 2017. Itis an all-inclusive conference with the purpose of shedding spotlight on challenges and opportunities brought by the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. The purpose of this conference is not only to highlight the projects undertaken in CPEC but also to view them in light of their implications on both China and Pakistan. This conference will observe interactive sessions based on experiential knowledge regarding the paradigm shifts that will accompany CPEC. It will also address the impact of this multibillion dollar worth project on the small and medium sized enterprises SME’s of Pakistan which account for majority of Pakistan’s Gross Domestic Product. The conference will present an enriching opportunity for the members of this community to position them according to it and take advantage of these developments. In this conference, researchers, academicians and experts will present their role in helping us to understand the socio-economic perspective of CPEC and also, how Pakistan can capitalize its human resource in the light of Chinese influx. Minister of Planning and Reforms Dr. Ahsan Iqbal will be joining us as our chief guest. To find out more about the speakers, panellists and details, please visit www.cpecfast.com.