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The Integrated Circuit Design Lab is established to contribute to the echo-system integrated circuit design in Pakistan.  The main objective of the IC design lab is to decimate the knowledge and methodologies of real silicon tapeout along with circuit design to its graduate students.  ICD Lab is equipped with all the necessary CAD tools and IC Design Kits needed for an IC- tapeout.  The main research area is Analog, RF and Mix Signal ICs.  The ICD lab is currently hosting a dedicated MS in IC Design program with more than 30 graduate students. The first student tapeout is planned to be in Spring, 2021. The lab has several high impact IEEE journal papers and US patents and real-world working ICs to its credit.


Areas of Expertise:

·         Ultra-Low power on chip sensors

·         CMOS Broadband RF frontends

·         Over-Sampling Receiver

·         CMOS Resonant Rectifier for Power Harvesting Implantable

·         Special Expertise for BiST and DfT


Radio Frequency Circuits, Sensors, and Systems Lab (RFCS2) is established to create a culture of innovation and then put the innovation into industrial practice as a final step. The primary focus of the LAB is to provide the students and engineers with the tools and environment which promotes the creation of new knowledge and innovation. The lab has several high impact IEEE journal papers and US patents to its credit. RFCS2 lab is equipped with all basic tools like RF sources, Spectrum and Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) and PCB milling machine.

The researcher in RFCS2 are well trained to carryout world class research and innovation to meet the industry needs.  The RFCS2 lab has developed local and international academic and industrial collaboration, to provide feasible, real-time, and cost-effective industrial solutions.


Areas of Expertise:

·         RF Circuit and System Design

·         Microwave Sensors and Systems

·         GHz Energy Tunnelling and its Applications

·         Ultra-Low Power Bio Medical Sensors

·         IoT Devices and Sensors

·         Self-Powered Energy Harvesting



Research Projects


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Sensors for IoTr



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Fuel Quality Sensor


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SC Converter for DVS








IEEE Webinar on “Cycle of Innovation”

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Slow wave Application, Nature Reports

Keynote Speech at IBCAST-2019

New Class of Fuel Sensor




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