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Radio Frequency Circuits Systems & Sensors Lab

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Radio Frequency Circuits, Sensors, and Systems Lab (RFCS2) is established by Prof. Dr. Rashad Ramzan in order to create the culture of innovation and then put the innovation in to industrial practice as a final step. The primary focus of the LAB is to provide the students and engineers the tools and environment which promotes the creativity of new knowledge and innovation. The RFCS2 team believes in research and development themes which directly addresses the real-life problems of the society. Our projects related to the CMOS chip for vaccine temperature control and IoTr (Internet of Trees) for smart irrigations are prime examples toward this goal.

The researcher in RFCS2 are well trained to carryout world class research and innovation to meet the industry needs. The RFCS2 lab has developed local and international academic and industrial collaboration, in order to provide feasible, real-time and cost-effective industrial solutions.


Areas of the Research Interest

         RFIC Circuit and System Design

         Analog and Mix Signal IC Design

         Ultra-Low Power Bio Medical Sensors and Systems

         Microwave Sensors and Systems

         GHz Energy Tunneling and its Applications

         IoT Devices and Sensors

         Self-Powered Energy Harvesting Circuits and Systems



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Sensors for IoTr



Fuel Quality Sensor




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US Patent Awarded

Slow wave Application, Nature Reports

Keynote Speech at IBCAST-2019

New Class of Fuel Sensor




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