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The Integrated Circuit Design Lab


Recent Projects:                                                                                              

Text Box: 28-32 GHz Wideband LNA for 5G Applications

We designed an LNA using TSMC 65nm Bulk CMOS technology. Designed LNA has a peak S21 of 18.48dB with a wideband 3-dB bandwidth in the range of 26 to 33.6 GHz. The NF is also less than 3dB over the entire band of interest. The overall area of the completer LNA is 300×100 µm2 and is high suitable for wide band 5G applications



Text Box: Fault-Tolerant Reconfigurable 32-bit ALU for Space Applications

Radiation hardened are prone to radiation particles, which are present in the form of electrons, protons, and heavy ions, generated from solar flares or space radiations. We explored the impact of single-event upsets (SEUs) on 65 nm Bulk CMOS technology and designed a power-efficient, radiation-hardened, reconfigurable 32-bit arithmetic logic unit (ALU) system, which works reliably in the presence of SEUs



Text Box: Low Power Temperature Sensor for Vaccines
We designed and tested temperature sensor, rectifier, and regulation blocks of the microchip (sized 1.5mm x1.5mm). The temperature sensor is extremely low powered (less than 1microwatt) and has an accuracy of 0.20C. Such type of temperature sensing IC can be used in Vaccine bottles for continuous monitoring of the vaccine’s temperature.

Text Box: Wide Voltage Range SC Converter for DVS 
A new switched capacitor (SC) converter that can handle a wide range of load currents and output voltages is presented for on-chip dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) implementation. The proposed converter consists of multi-ratio multi-leaf SC stages and reconfigurable interconnect, enabling fine voltage resolution. The stage interconnect scheme enables cascaded or parallel connection of stages. The multi-leaf structure allows load-dependent switch size selection, offering a better trade-off between losses over a wide load range.



Text Box: High Voltage Harmonic SC Harvesting Interface
A novel switched-capacitor (SC) DC-DC converter, which can be used for efficient battery charging from high-voltage kinetic energy nano-generators, and also for powering low voltage electronics in automotive and industrial applications. To limit the conduction loss, which is the major bottleneck of multi-stage SC converters, for efficient energy conversion, from high-voltage input to near battery voltage conversion, a recursive-output SC (ROSC) stage is introduced.





Radio Frequency Circuits, Sensors, and Systems Lab (RFCS2)

Recent Projects:
Text Box: High-Frequency Dielectric Sensor is based on a new class of Microwave Energy Tunneling-Based Dielectric sensor for solid and liquid sample. These types of sensors can detect minor variation in the dielectric constant, and they are highly scalable, accurate and low cost and have the application in bio-sensing and medical industry.Text Box: All Electronic Fuel Impurity Sensor is based on the recently reported phenomena of energy tunneling. Therefore, the basic idea behind contamination detection is unique and new.  The proposed sensor is low power, rugged, simple and highly sensitive; it can detect a minor change in the dielectric constant of the fuel. The operational power requirements of the sensor are extremely low. Self-calibrated is needed to tackle the effect of temperature variations.


Text Box: Power Amplifier The group is involved in the PAs design for the industrial application meeting the tough temperature and environmental requirement. Recently, we designed the 100W 1.2 to 1.6GHz Class-E PA for industrial applications. We have also done Class-AB PAs for L & S band for linear applications including the pre-driver, power supply and OV, OC, and OT protections circuits.

Text Box: Plant Water & Moisture Sensor works on the phenomenon of phase dispersion. This is accurate and stable in noisy environments, work for real leaf and foliage samples. The technique is very simple yet very effective, it detects the permittivity of water inside the sample. The proposed sensors are self-powered and more sensitive and stable compared to the sensors available in the market sensors. These sensors have a huge market in agriculture related autonomous irrigation systems.



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MS IC Design Program

The ICD lab has offered a dedicated graduate program in IC which has 25 enrolled students for spring 2020. This is a unique program, in Pakistan and is supported by private and government industry in Pakistan. The subject distribution is,




Completed Research Projects.

PI: UAEU Interdisciplinary, ”Low cost, Non-invasive plant water Estimation based on Electromagnetic Anomalous phase dispersion”, 2017, 400K AED (108K US$)  

PI: Space Centre Grant, “High-Efficiency L-Band Power Amplifier (PA) for Space Applications”, 2017, 100 K AED (27K US$) 

PI: UAEU SURE, “A Power Efficient, Portable, Solar Powered Commercial Drone Interceptor.”, 2017, 65 K AED (18K US$) 

PI: UAEU UPAR, “New Class of Highly-sensitive Energy Tunneling based Sensors for Biomedical applications”, 2014, 397K AED (108K US$)

PI: UAEU Engineering College Seed Grant, “LNA Design for Cognitive Radios”, 2015, 30K AED (8K US$) 

PI: UAEU Startup Grant, “Passive self-powered, fully CMOS temperature sensor for medicine and food monitoring”, 2014, 368K AED (108K US$) (Completed)

PI: UAEU SURE, “FM Radio Based, Intelligent and Low Cost Speed Limit and Emergency Alert Road Sign System (icFM-TAS)”, 2013, 42K AED (12.5K US$) 

PI: UAEU Seed Money, “Dielectric Sensing based on Energy Tunneling in PCB Microstrips”,  2013, 30K AED (8K US$)

Co-PI: ADEC (External Grant), “Design and Fabrication of Novel Ultra Low Power and Reliable CMOS Logic Cells”, 2015, 399K AED (108K US$)

Co-PI: UAEU UPAR, “Enabling Logic Circuits for Zero Power Internet of Everything”, 2015, 398K AED (108K US$)





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