Muhammad Zohaib Iqbal's Home page

Dr. Zohaib Iqbal

Associate Professor,
FAST-NU, Islamabad, Pakistan
+92 51 111 128 128, Ext 342

I am an Associate Professor at National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST - NU) - Islamabad Campus, Pakistan where I am also the Chief Scientist at the Software Quality Engineering & Testing (QUEST) Laboratory

I am also currently the President of Pakistan Software Testing Board (PSTB)

I completed my PhD from Simula Research Laboratory, Norway in the area of model-based testing of real-time embedded software.


My Google Scholar page containing a list of my publications and citations.

My DBLP publications list


Research Interests:

  • Software Testing

  • Automated Software Engineering

  • Model-based Testing and Engineering

  • Software Engineering for Cyber Physical Systems

  • Software Safety and Standards

  • Search-based Software Engineering

  • Empirical Software Engineering






  • Paper at Journal of Systems & Software

    Paper titled 'A Product-line Model-driven Engineering Approach for Generating Feature-based Mobile Applications'

  • Paper at MODELS'15

    Paper titled 'An Automated Model-based Testing Approach for Platform Games' accepted at MODELS' 2015

  • Paper at EMSE Journal

    Paper titled 'Improving the Performance of OCL Constraint Solving with Novel Heuristics for Logical Operations: A Search-Based Approach' accepted in EMSE Journal

  • Paper at ECMFA' 15

    Paper titled 'AspectOCL: An extension to OCL for specifying crosscutting constraints' accepted at ECMFA' 2015

  • Paper at ISSTA' 15

    Paper titled 'Automatic Generation of System Test Cases from Use Case Specifications' accepted at ISSTA' 2015

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