Dr. Ayub Siddiqui


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Dr. Muhammad Ayub Siddiqui is professor and specializes in financial modelling and quantitative methods related to the social sciences, management sciences and economics. He has on his credit, 28 years of teaching and research experience at the HEIs and has published more than 40 research papers in the journals of national and international repute. He actively participates in the media talk shows on the socio-economic issues. Dr. Siddiqui has headed departments of management sciences and economics and finance in the universities and successfully launched different degree programs in addition to various schemes of studies at the undergraduate and the graduate levels. Dr. Siddiqui has headed Board of Studies and has been working as a member of academic councils, BASR and the selection boards in various universities. He is also Head/Convener-HEC-Distance Education Policy and developed Policy of Distance Education (2016-2019). Dr. Siddiqui has won three times in his teaching career, the Best Teacher Award, including the HEC-Best Teacher Award in 2013. He has supervised around 100 MS/MPhil theses and 10 PhDs in the diversified fields of economics, finance and management sciences. He regularly develops various courses and new schemes of studies. He has also completed funded projects including the HEC-funded project in the field of Entrepreneurship. He is also on the editorial boards of a couple of research journals.


  1. Professor, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES), 07-Feb-2015 – To date