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Wednesday, Mar 04, 2020


A device made by Electrical Engineering students of FAST-NUCES Islamabad for visually impaired people wins exclusive prize at PARVAAZ event. They made 2 products, a headgear which is equipped with a camera that is used to convert text to audio so that the visually impaired can read and a smart stick equipped with sensors and hap-tic feedback that will help the user avoid obstacles and changes in elevation so that they will know their surroundings. Their product is not only helpful to blind people but its also designed to be very affordable and extremely easy to use for all users.

Their idea behind this ideas was that in Pakistan or in fact in the entire world there are no devices or gadgets in the market for the visually impaired. Even if they do exist they are extremely expensive and difficult to come by. So they as electrical engineers decided to design and develop a cheap and easy system for blind people that would assist them in their day to day tasks.


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