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Software Tools and Design Kits:

To get the access to these tools are technologies, please fill in the attached form, with all necessary information.

         Cadence Licensed Tool Suite, Includes:

The Custom IC Bundle (included Analog, RF, AMS)
Device modeling
Digital Integrated Circuits Bundle
Verification Bundle
DFM Bundle
DFT Bundle
Characterization Bundle(only for TBL Bundles)
Chip Planning Bundle
Signal integrity Bundle
PCB Bundle

         TSMC licensed 65nm, 130nm, and 150nm PDKís, provided by Muse Semiconductor LLC, Includes:

Spice Models
RC Tech files
Standard Cells Library
I/O Library
Memory Library
E-Fuse Library
ESD Library

         Multsim SPICE Simulator - National Instruments

         High-Frequency structure simulator (HFSS)

         Advanced Design System (ADS)

Lab Resources:

Vector Network Analyzer (1 MHz to 8 GHz,)


Spectrum Analyzer (100kHz-3GHz)



RF Signal Generator



Mixed Signal Oscilloscope



PCB Milling Setup



Microstrip Trainer (MST 532)



Microwave Trainer (56-200)



Digital Microscope



Switching Mode Power Supply

SVS500 Soldering Station

Proskit Soldering Station

Laboratory DC Power Supply






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