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PhD Thesis

·         Sana Arshad, “Multistandard and Multiband LNA Design for SDR Applications”, NED University Karachi. (graduated in Fall, 2017with 4 high quality journal papers, make the link here))

List of the Publication


MS Thesis

         ·            Arif Shah, “Frequency and Time Domain Characterization of Energy Tunneling Phenomena in Wire-Loaded Microstrip Structure" FAST-NU, Islamabad, 2016.

         ·            Attique Dawood, “Finite Difference Time-Domain Modelling of Metamaterials: A GPU Based Implemental of Lossless Cylindrical Cloak”, FAST-NU, Islamabad, 2013

         ·            Rizwana Sher Bano, "Multichannel FM Receiver, Logger and recorder based on SDR Architecture" FAST-NU, Islamabad, 2012.

         ·            Shawkat Ali, "25 watts, 80% PAE Class-E RF Power Amplifier for 88 to108MHz Frequency band" FAST-NU, Islamabad, 2012.

         ·            Muhammad Atif, "Modeling of DAC non-Linearity inside Σ∆ ADC Loop", FAST-NU, Islamabad, 2011.

         ·            Atta-ul-Mustafa, "Compensation of DAC non-linearity in multi-bit Σ∆ ADC using normalized LMS algorithm", FAST-NU, Islamabad, 2011. 


Graduation Projects

         ·            FAST Students Projet 1-  ENG monitoring  , IEEE paper is there

         ·            FAST , VCT system 

         ·            FM Radio Based, Intelligent and Low Cost Speed Limit and Emergency Alert Road Sign System (icFM-TAS)”,

         ·            High Efficiency L-Band Power Amplifier (PA) for Space Applications”, 2017

         ·            Energy Harvesting  

         ·            Fuel Sensor

         ·            Drone Jammer

         ·            WPT System



Recent Final Year Projects

1.    IoT Based Food and Medicine Quality Monitoring


Unexpected Power cutoff in the refrigeration system spoils the perishable food items and denatures the temperature-sensitive medicine. This IoT based system aims to monitor health of frozen food and medicines. It will be achieved by monitoring the temperature of objects at regular intervals. This will help the vendor and authorities to ensure the quality of food and medicine. In addition, humidity sensor, power sensor and door opening sensor will be used to improve the efficacy of the refrigeration system. The sensed data is then transmitted through Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) operated at 433 MHz and the data will be then analyzed at the gateway. The detected issue will be rectified by both food authorities and internal regulatory authorities.



2.    A Green Wind Energy Harvester from Traffic Movement (Selected for IGNITE Fund)

The future global economy is likely to produce ever more energy, the tremendous risk of climate change and global warming associated with the use of fossil fuels makes supplying this energy increasingly difficult. To cater this issue world is striving for renewable energy resources. In this project we aim to harvest 100% renewable and cheap energy through wind produced by traffic on highways.



3.    Green Self-Powered Air-Water Harvester

Clean water and sustainable sources are needed for social and economic progress in a society. This is one of the major issues in Pakistan, especially in the remote areas. “Green Self-Powered Air-Water Harvester” is the solution! Water is condensed from the humidity/water vapors present in the air when temperature falls below the dew point. Two scenarios are to be considered; when temperature is already below the dew point, the water will be produced naturally. However, at higher temperature, Thermo-Electric Cooler (TEC) is to be used to get the temperature of the surface below the dew point. When air cools to its dew point through contact with a surface that is colder than the air, water will condense on the surface. Renewable energy is directly extracted from air using Wind Turbine/Solar Panel. Some parameters i.e. temperature, humidity, RPM, wind speed, sunlight, water productivity, turbine competency, monitoring of data remotely and cost efficiency are to be considered.







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