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Spring 2021 Tapeouts


Kamal 1 Projects

         Fault-Tolerant CLB:

Application: Radiation-hard space electronics

Cadence RTL Process

         Approximate ALU:

Application: Image Processing

Cadence RTL Process for Design

         Hardware TRNG:

Application: Cryptography and 5G systems

Analog Blocks Design: Cadence ADE, Digital Filters Design Cadence RTL

         mm-Wave Phase Shifter:

Application: Massive MIMO

Analog Blocks Design: Cadence ADE

RF Modeling: RF Pro in Cadence Virtuoso

Kamal 2 Projects

         TENG Harvester:

Application: Nano Energy Harvesting

Cadence ADE Design & Implementation

         AC Logic Family:

Application: IoT Smart Dust

Cadence ADE Design & Implementation

         ΣΔ ADC:

Application: Massive MIMO

MATLAB Modeling

Cadence ADE Implementation & Verification

         mm-Wave Phase Shifter:

Application: Massive MIMO

Analog Blocks Design: Cadence ADE

RF Modeling: RF Pro in Cadence Virtuoso



Fuel Sensor 


         The proposed sensor is based on the recently reported phenomena of energy tunnelling. Therefore, the basic idea behind contamination detection is unique and new.

         The proposed sensor is low power, rugged, simple and highly sensitive; it can detect a minor change in the dielectric constant of the fuel.

         The operational power requirements of the sensor are extremely low.

         The proposed fuel sensor is self-calibrated to tackle the effect of temperature on measurements. No separate temperature measurements are needed unlike the current state of the art sensors.

Markets interest

         Oil industry

         Automobile Industry, inside the engine for continuous monitoring of the fuel quality to the engine.

         Fuel tanks of the automobiles

         Fuel stations (Petrol Pumps)

         Fuel transportation vehicles

         Aerospace industry,

         Jet engine oil quality monitoring in flying airplanes, to detect the water vapor condensation in oil due to low temperatures.

         Fuel tanks in the wings of airplanes

         Oil storage tanks, where the oil is stored for long time

         Oil tankers ships, for possible water and microbial contaminations from the sea.



High-Frequency Dielectric Sensor

         A new class of Microwave Energy Tunneling-Based Dielectric sensor for solid and Liquid samples

         Can detect Minor variation in the Dielectric Constant

         Can detect minute variation in the dielectric properties of human blood.

         Design for explicitly for the medical industry

Key Features

The Proposed Sensor can detect,

         Tumor and cancer cells

         Can tell the exact Blood group and its condition

          Blood Sugar level can be detect with more accuracy

          Can be used for forensic Analysis

          Gender detection in forensic

          More accurate with small samples and also works equally fines with THz frequency ranges



Plant Moisture Sensor

         Work on the phnomenon of phase dispursion

         Work for real leaf and foliage samples 

         The technique is very simple yet very effective, it detects the permittivity of water inside the sample

Key Features


         The proposed sensors are self-powered

         The sensors are more sensitive and stable then the market available sensors

         These sensors have huge market in agriculture industry

         The techniques used are non-invasive

         These sensors also have prompting applications in the timber market and furniture market where moisture level inside wood is very important




Brest Tumor Detection

         The Unit cell simulation is done in lab and soon will tested for metasurface.

         The sensors are very low cast and extremely sensitive and can be installed in daily wears for early detection.

          Complete electromagnetic imaging is possible

          Can detect a tiny size of the tumor inside the Brest sample

          The same technique can be extended to detect the Brain Tumors

          Combination of receiver and transmitters can be used to detect the tumor in other body parts.

         Tumor at very early stage can be detect using phase detection methods.







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